ETV Broken Vows

Azania wants to prove that Thandi is lying, Gerty is distressed and Lulu is living her fifteen minutes of fame. Broken Vows, weekdays at 8PM.

All hell breaks loose as the Moswanes battle to come to terms with Thandi’s confession. Lulu tries to protect Lebo from himself. Azania is on a mission to prove Thandi is lying.

Thandi and Uhuru struggle to save their relationship. Zimkhitha throws down a challenge. Lulu is fielding offers to design for other boutiques and living her 15 minutes of fame.

The Myburghs are at loggerheads. Thandi and Gerty have an altercation that leaves Gerty distressed. Meanwhile, Azania learns a shocking truth from Chris about her father.

Ace tightens the screws on Thandi. Azania discovers a hidden secret.

Uhuru discovers terrible revelations about Thandi’s past. Ace’s visit to Chris at Gerty’s house sends him on a destructive course. Lebo is on the receiving end.



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