Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo. File photo.

Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo

Multi-millionaire footballer Cristiano Ronaldo is furious about a claim that he raped and then offered to pay off a woman in Las Vegas.

The allegations were reported by German newspaper Der Spiegel on Friday.

The rape allegedly took place while he was holidaying in the US party capital in 2009‚ not long after he had won a huge pay packet by transferring from Manchester United to Real Madrid.

The next year‚ through legal negotiations‚ Ronaldo was alleged to have paid the woman‚ who was in her twenties‚ $375‚000 not to go public about it.

Gestifute‚ a soccer management company‚ has denounced the report as “a piece of journalistic fiction”.

Speaking on behalf of the soccer star‚ the agency said the “whole plot” is based on unsigned documents that cannot be authenticated and referred to emails between lawyers who do not represent Ronaldo.

Ronaldo intended to do everything in his power to act against the report and its allegations‚ the agency said.

“An accusation of an act of rape is disgusting and outrageous and he will not allow it to hang over his reputation.”

The footballer is a single dad to a six-year-old son‚ Cristiano junior. He is reportedly expecting twins through a surrogate arrangement with a mystery woman.


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