Rhythm City- Nikki and Puleng’s Characters

Is Puleng and Nikki's friendship Genuine or Not?


Puleng has always had Suffocate’s heart, even though he married Nikki first. Now he’s slowly showing Nikki where his heart really lies. 

Suffocate is always with Puleng, which drove Nikki to cheat on him with his brother, Themba. Not only is Suffocate neglecting Nikki, he is also neglecting their daughter. The only time Nikki gets to see Suffocate is at the club.

Poor Nikki. You would think that your husband would tell you about his other wife’s pregnancy, but Suffocate didn’t tell Nikki about Puleng’s pregnancy – leaving Puleng to rub it in her face.

The two characters, Nikki and Puleng, are very confusing in that despite all their encounters they still are in good terms. They have a lot to share in life such as, having married Suffocate Ndlovu, both impregnated by Themba Ndlovu (Suffocate’s young brother), and they both long to have a true lover in their lives.

Nikki found comfort with Toolkit, Suffocate’s crime guy, but she dumps him following his inability to take care of the little Busi (Nikki’s daughter). On the other hand Puleng and Suffocate parted ways following the discovery that Puleng is not carrying Suffocate’s child.

Themba resurfaced from his hideouts and he wanted to get back to Puleng who is pregnant (with his child) and lonely. He colludes with Nikki to get information on how to convince Puleng that he is a changed man and will look for their best interest, Puleng and the child.

Do you think Puleng and Suffocate should get back together or she must just give Themba a chance? Do you think that Nikki and Puleng’s friendship is genuine?