Painting with a golden brush

Lebani Sirenje has been seen at various celebrity funerals.


Artist Lebani Sirenje has been seen at various celebrity funerals quietly painting portraits in the wake of their death.

His artworks includes amongst others portraits of the late celebrities such as Mandoza, Sfiso Ncwane , Vuyo Mbuli, actor Joe Mafela to mention the few. He is a Visual Portraits artist and has painted numerous portraits of fallen stars.

For the artist, Lebani Sirenje, potraits for him is a language he uses to pay homage or tribute to the fallen celebrities. His artwork is influenced by the passion he had for the arts.  Lebani usually work from the venue of the funeral or memorial service of the fallen star and he leaves the portrait with the grieving families.

I paint out of passion, “says Lebani Sirenje”.

As an artist how the artist does makes a living? How do we, as the publics, appreciate the good work that artists are doing in the society? It is sad that most artists live a miserable life because people do not value and appreciate their artworks.