Boniswa’s game plan revealed: Will it back fires?

Who is the real One for Siseko, Yvonne or Boniswa? What is your view?

Boniswa’s game plan revealed or is it just another "own goal" in favour of Yvonne.

Kgomotso Christopher whose stage name is Yvonne Thebe appears to be misplaced following the fact that she does not have a place to stay. Her background is not clear to the readers/viewers as it was not communicated to them. Whether we like it or not, Yvonne is always lucky to have her beauty attracting man from different walks of life.

Just a few days ago, we were stunned when Boniswa told Siseko to take Yvonne as his second wife. Well, it turns out she has a grand plan up her sleeve. Whether the plan is going to yield the desired fruits remains to be seen.

There is a saying which goes,“The forbidden fruit is sweeter”. If he takes her in as his wife, he won’t be cheating with her anymore. The forbidden fruit will lose all its sweetness,” Boniswa explained to Chumani.

Perhaps should have known better prior extending the invitation to have Yvonne Thebe to be Siseko’s second wife, a proposal she is going to agree. The only way out for Boniswa if Yvonne concede to the arranged marriage will be the concept, she believes as the first wife, she’ll have an upper hand as she will make all the rules.

If it all fails, and she turns against her by defying her ‘first wife rules,’ Boniswa thinks Siseko will finally see the true witch Yvonne is. On the other side, we are also reminded of the past relationship the two had prior her marriage to Siseko’s brother, Hector Thebe. Will this not be another opportunity for the two to revive the thing they had before Siseko marries Boniswa? Boniswa is fooling herself by thinking that she is going to emerge victorious in the arrangement because she is the first wife.

Tradition allows the first wife to be superior and in control of the second wife. Do you think this is going to work for a long time? What is your view?