ActorRhythm City

Do you feel Sorry for Puleng?

It’s clear that Rhythm City’s Puleng is heartbroken, lonely, and uncertain about the future without a husband!!!
Puleng is pregnant and is due to give birth without a husband who is taking care of her. Nikki is sure about winning her husband back, Suffocate Ndlovu, and continue to push Puleng closer to Themba.

It appears as if Puleng is aware of the schemes between Themba Ndlovu and Nikki who are forging ahead with their plans to get Puleng love Themba again.

Who is the stranger (guy) who is seen at Puleng’s house? Why is that the guy only appear when Puleng is in the house? Do you think the guy who is following her is a stalker or rather a Security hired by Suffocate to take care of her? Well, that remains to be seen.

Do you think Puleng should take Themba back following the reunion between Nikki and Suffocate? Do you think that when Suffocate says that, “Let’s take it one step at a time”, what does that suppose to mean? Is he really fully into the relationship with Nikki or is he still having a thing for Puleng? Do you think the stranger at Puleng’s house is a Security or spy send by Suffocate to protect Puleng.

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