Masasa’s character on the Harvest pushed her to her limits.

Harvest nearly broke Masasa Mbangeni.

Masasa Mbangeni as a character on Harvest.
But she continued to soldier on regardless of the challenges that her character presented. There’s no doubt that Masasa Mbangeni is one of the most talented actors in the country. She’s got the awards to prove it!
The actress, who stars in’s Harvest, has received nothing but praise from fans and industry colleagues. The former Scandal! The actress recently took to Instagram to share how playing this new role nearly broke her.

She posted a picture from a scene on the show thanking those who’ve sent messages about her performance. She also wrote: “It’s a work that nearly broke me because it demanded so much & I won’t lie I danced very close to the edge of insanity but the amazing team kept me going.”

She encouraged fans to keep watching because it’s about to get “lit”. Her Harvest co-star Khanya Mkangisa has nothing but good things to say about her.

In an Instagram post, Khanya hailed Masasa as “acting royalty”. “What a pleasure it’s been working alongside you, thank you,” Khanya wrote.

In a recent interview, Masasa, who plays Celia, told Sowetan: My worry with this role was that it was quite similar to the part I played on Scandal! So I was worried that people will link those two together.

“So when I was first introduced to the role I had to be careful and deliberate because I needed people to let go of my Scandal! character.”