Given Stuurman as Kgosi on Scandal

Which is the best way to bring up our teenagers in the world full of mishaps?

Given Stuurman as Kgosi on Scandal. The young man who brought about fun and questions about youth and culture.

Stuurman has been recently cast to play Gloria’s son on the popular soapie Scandal! and is poised to cause drama for the younger viewers of the show.

“Coming on board the soapie has been great, working with people I’ve looked up to over the years is a big plus for me. It has taken my career to another pedestal,” said the performer famous for his role as Speedy in the SABC1 drama series Tshisa.

“Kgosi gets anything he wants from Gloria and it’s a cause for concern. How do you bring up your teenage boys and girls? Personally, the character of Kgosi is an interesting one in that he had brought about fireworks in the play. His character is that of a character who does not care and/or worry about the views of other people about him. The lesson we learn as audience is the responsibility of parents in bringing up their teenage boys, especially by a single mother.

Kgosi is a pleasure seeking boy and he would put aside all the important issues of life to enjoy the pleasure of life for a moment. The character crossed the line when he was asked by MALETSATSI about visiting the church, “but his response was, “Will I get the opportunity to sit next to the stock-referring to the beautiful girls”?

We honestly get that a “boy’s best friend is his mother,” but could Gloria be over doing it?

1. She spoils her son rotten with expensive gifts – from sneakers to extravagant headphones.

2. Gloria never sees wrong in Kgosi. When he didn’t want to go back to school, she almost gave him his way. Gontse had to step in to make sure he went back to school.

3.  Whenever Gontse steps in to draw the line with regards to Kgosi’s bad behavior and Gloria’s bad parenting skills, Gloria sees Gontse as the bad guy.

4.  Recently, Kgosi went to a party on a school night and came home drunk, but Gloria didn’t see anything wrong with it. Mind you, he’s underage.