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Lying, Conniving and Scheming, the truth behind Niki’s Love for Suffocate.

How to deal with difficult marriage partners?

After lying for a long time, conniving and scheming, the truth about Puleng’s baby is finally out, but not without pain and trouble for some characters!!

One would describe Niki as a big liar and a person who has brought pain and trouble to the lives of both Puleng and Suffocate. Few month ago, Niki and Themba pretended to be Mr. and Mrs Ndlovu and collected Puleng’s paternity test results.  They were hoping to confirm that Themba was in fact the father of Puleng’s baby. Unfortunately – the results showed that Suffo is indeed the father of the new born.

Her love for Suffocate made her to keep the secret from Suffocate and Puleng. She carried on with her life and even got Suffo to agree to them renewing their vows. One would not believe that she had killed her partner in crime, Themba  Ndlovu, when trying to force her way into the hideout where Themba had kept Puleng.

After an enlightening chat with Fats, Suffo decides to do some investigating and heads to the paternity clinic while Niki waits for him at the altar. In a dramatic turn, Suffo decided to call off the wedding between himself and Niki in order to finalise his findings about his paternity test. He finally gets the paternity test results and he’s shocked to say the least.

Puleng is startled by the results which confirms that Suffo is indeed the father of the little one. On the opposite side, Niki is waiting desperately for Suffo to return so that they can continue with their wedding. As the audience we expect Puleng and Suffo to get back together and to live happily ever after. On the contrary, we wish that Niki can be taken to task by punishing her for what she had done.

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