Winnie Khumalo Still going Places.

Winnie will never quit music.


Winnie Khumalo has reinvented herself over the years to remain relevant in the competitive music industry and has some stinging words for people who think “she’s too old” for any type of music.

The problem with people is that they always want to dictate to others what to do, when to do it, how to do it, and when to retreat from doing what you think is important in your life. Khumalo’s message is clear to haters, ” I am not planning on retiring anytime soon despite you saying that I am too old for music”.

Winnie conceded that she has learned that the key to longevity is reinventing yourself as an artist and not to allow every view of fans move you”. “All the legends that I look up to gave their everything to their music and they never stopped. Why should I? I will die on stage, like the greats before me,” she said.

Winnie said that people have been asking her when she plans on retiring but the singer has no plans to leave music. The singer’s latest single Yile Gqom, which is part of her upcoming album, features DJ Cleo and is a club banger.

“As a child star, I have been reinventing myself in music. I even sang gospel [music] at some point and right now I want to enter this exciting market of gqom sound and I don’t care if people think I’m too old. There’s no such thing, I make music that makes people happy and makes them dance,” Winnie said.

Winnie hopes to release her hitmaker album before the end of the year under her business Winnie K. She said it will have house music which she did with DJ Christos in 2015 and it will also have gqom.