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How far is Boniswa prepared to go in order to save her marriage?

Just a few days ago, Boniswa was ready to divorce her husband after finding out he’s been paying for Yvonne’s bills. But that was until she realised she was falling right into Yvonne’s den. She felt played.

After a conversation with Layla Boniswa seems to have figured how to beat Yvonne at her own game. Layla is excited that Boniswa is willing to fight for her marriage. Little does she know what her game plan is.

Boniswa then begged Siseko to pack everything and move back to Bisho with her. But he refused as he can’t just leave his business. Boniswa thinks Siseko doesn’t want to leave as he’s still in love with Yvonne.

Boniswa then proposed that Siseko take Yvonne as his second wife. Has she lost her mind? Is she being for real? And what’s her strategy?


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