Dintle’s kindness aimed at reaping in the future!!!!!

What happened to Dintle that We All Know?

What happened to Dintle that we know? Is she sowing so that she can reap in the future?

Dintle visited Layla in prison, acting all sympathetic. She brought her a tracksuit to wear and toiletries.

On top of it all, she smuggled cigarettes in case Layla needed to trade in prison.

Layla was even more stunned than us. And, when she asked Dintle why she was being so nice to her, the response was that it’s because she is her daughter’s gogo.

But it wasn’t long before we learned that all that kindness was Dintle’s way of sowing, so she can reap later.

On her way out, she made sure to remind Layla never to forget how kind she was to her in her times of darkness.

Now, that’s the Didi we all know.