Scandal’s Yvonne & Boniswa Characters-Who is going to emerge Victorious?

Yvonne’s surprise wedding party dress

Yvonne recently threw herself a surprise wedding celebration and she looked royal wearing her surprise wedding dress.
In true Yvonne style, the night was of the highest caliber with press, close friends and the who’s-who of Joburg. But her dress was definitely a showstopper.
On the contrary, we hear Siseko giving Yvonne some lectures about him been private and not wishing for his life to be on the public spotlight. Boniswa is trying in vain to get Yvonne to listen to her as she continue settling well in her new wedding.
Yvonne cannot continue pretending or rather to be the person that she is not, and so “she is starting to show her true colours”. 
Do you think Boniswa is going to win the battle of putting Yvonne where she belong or is it the beginning of Yvonne taking over the marriage? If you were Boniswa what would you do to regain your husband and marriage back?