The whole truth about Grace and Caesar revealed

Grace reveals how Caesar raped her and left her bruised and bleeding.

For some time now, Grace has been secretive about why she’s so scared of Caesar and why she has always kept him away from Romeo. But now, when Caesar threatens to tell Romeo how he was conceived, Grace tells the whole truth.

Poor Grace! It turns out that the last time she saw Caesar was when he raped, bruised, left her bleeding and threatened her not to ever tell anyone.

Caesar believes he was justified in raping Grace after all the money he spent on her education. Caesar threatens to tell Romeo unless Grace signs the hotel stake over to their son and she agrees.

But Grace has other plans: to get Neo to kill Caesar.

The introduction of Caesar in Scandal has brought lot of changes in the lives of Romeo and Grace. Caesar came into the life of Romeo when he was a young man who grew up without a father. At first Romeo was excited about meeting his father and he was also willing to share his shares from the hotel to his convincing and persuasive father.

Caesar convinced Romeo to trust him whilst on the other hand he was threatening Grace to give him money or else he will tell Romeo the much held secret between him and his mother.

The secrets are out and Romeo is now seeking plans on how to get rid of Caesar in their lives.Whether he is going to succeed in the motion or not, or he may decide to push Neo Mokgethi to do the dirty work for him. Now that Romeo is back to his senses we are relieved and we want to see Caesar been pushed very far.