Who is the Real Skolopad?

Skolopad's dual lives.

Queen Skolopad-the Word or the world, what do you choose?

The news about Nonhlahla Qwabe, Aka Skolopad, been a “preacher of the Word of God” on pulpit leaves much to be desired.

In the recent past Skolopad was on the verge of appearance makeshift which left some of her fans flabbergasted as it was unexpected for her to change swiftly.

Nonhlahla want her followers to know her other roles which includes been a nurse, mother, and an entertainer. In addition to shocking her fans with the news that she can “preach the Word of God”, she also shocked her fans by telling them that her father is a pastor at African Gospel which she is also a member.
Skolopad is popularly known forher butt tattoo , seductive dance moves, and saucy pictures. One would concur that living a dual life will prove to be impossible for Nonhlahla as she appears to love the world than the Word.
Even though Nonhlahla is a daughter of a Pastor she seems to “like the world and the things in it”. How is she going to REPRESENT the Lord Jesus Christ with nude pictures and showing off her butt tattoo? Skolopad it is either the world of the Word, “no neutral ground”.