Making local talent work for local People

Joshua Mashao

On the 1st of August 2015 I was humbled by the invitation i got from the local team of boys and girls ( Tirisano Youth Media) who were filming scenes of their movie entitled “Rejection”.It was interesting to watch the team using different found objects or rather creating locations using different props.

Even though the team was working without technical resources such as the decent set (scenery,or stage)and costumes, they were able to pull the show perfectly. I marvelled as I watch them improvise and use different gestures to entertain their watching audiences.

The brains behind this initiative are Martin Rabaloi,who is both the scriptwriter and director, and Joshua Mashao who is the Cameraman and Sound Engineer. When asked about his background about directing films and writing of scripts Martin said that he learned the skills during his final year at the University of Limpopo where he studied film production. On the other side Joshua Mashao was the Sound Engineer to (BBSA)Big Brother South Africa where he learnt the skills in sound engineering.

When asked about their future plans, the producers said that they want to produce the movie using local and untrained talents to prove that there is talent in their village. We want to celebrate and expose the talent in the village, and to show the world that even people from the (rural) villages are creative even if the environment is not so enabling. Read full story on