Why many marriages Fails?

Saving your marriage from the brink of failing or falling apart.

Why marriages Fail? You cannot speak about marriage but still not involve God.

“Writing is not only for the current generation, but for those that are still to come”, said Steven Mudau. He considers books as the reservoir for information as they can still be read by many generations to come.

Steven believes that his inspiration to write comes from the Lord Jesus Christ, the one and only Lord who enabled him to write all his three books. His book entitled, ‘I am born again” is a confession for the Christians who are excited about having received Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior of their lives. On the other hand, the book seeks to challenge those who are born again and have lost their passion and interests for the lost souls to do self-introspection.

The title of the book, “I am born again”, is prophetic in that it speaks about the reality of salvation that is brought about by the Lord Jesus Christ. The book is thought provoking and will challenge readers to draw near to God by doing what He has instructed them to do, rather than living for the world. The book also helps Christians who has lost the passion for winning souls to go back to their first love.

His second book, “Why marriages fail” Is meant to address issues of marriage from a biblical point of view”. “You cannot talk about marriage and not talk about God as it is Him who instituted marriage”, said Mudau.

Steven does not believe in divorce, but he acknowledges that there are some exceptions for divorce which should not be regarded as the first resort due to its implications. Sometimes people opt for divorce because they think that there is no way out to their situation. “I want to help people avoid divorce at all costs because all families have got problems and they can resolve them in one way or the other”, said Mudau. People must learn to trust and share information with others so that they can make informed decisions.

Mudau’s third book is entitled, “Marriage” is aimed at addressing challenges faced by young people and the singles with regard to relationships. Sometimes people marry for wrong reasons rather marrying a person because you are attracted to them based on their appearance.

It appears as if many people, including the believers, base their decisions to marry solely in order to satisfy their status. Teaching youth at church as well as creating campaigns for awareness should help facilitate changes in the way in which people view marriages.

Issues about holly living or abstaining until one is married is no longer preached from the pulpit, and as such believers thinks there is nothing wrong with relationships. The church should go back to its first love if we are to become relevant in the modern world. The indications of been equally yoked together with unbelievers are when people are ignorant to take reasonable steps to follow God’s word. 

Lot of books is written in different African continent, but few of those get to be seen and read by young people. People should buy books for the sake of reading them and developing themselves. After asking one buyer, they confessed that they bought my books for the sake of supporting (the author) but with no motive for learning or developing themselves. “The few people that I have interviewed conceded that that they did not buy the book in order to develop themselves but to impress me”, said Mudau.

If you are interested in receiving a copy of the book you can contact Steven Mudau at the following details: facebook, page (at Steven Mudau Books) or they can reach Steven Mudau at the following address: mudaus28@gmail.com, or ultimately they can call Steven at: 0836561792.