Rhythm City’s Mampho and Shakes Characters

Dumi Masalela dies after attempted hijack.

Zolani Hantsi (as Shakes) and Itumeleng Bokaba(as Mampho) in Rhythm City.
The relationship between the former love birds is taken to a different level after Shakes is send packing by his boss and the Manager of the radio studio send him packing.
It was after Zola overheard the duo arguing about the radio show with Mampho questioning why she is not been acknowledged on the show. A thing or two which can be learned from the two characters is that (a) Shakes is jealousy of Mampho and he feared that she might take his job, (b) Mampho want to be acknowledged after contributing positively in the show hosted by Shakes.
The audience cannot take it anymore when Shakes (Zola Hashatsi) 
appeared put the blame of loosing his job squarely on Mampho. We watched them talking with him walking away making it appear that Mampho has gotten what she wanted from long time ago, which is to take his (radio) show away. On the other hand, Mampho tried to explain to him, but he did not listen. Instead he walked away.