Puleng was not impressed when Suffo didn’t show up at her new church


Puleng asked Suffo to accompany her to her new church, but he didn’t show up. So when he comes to drop Busi, Puleng decides to confront him about it, while her pastor is in the room.

Suffo tells her that her new church is a scam that takes advantage of poor and desperate people. An infuriated Puleng then goes on to throw a pot plant at him and tells him to leave.

Suffo is shocked by Puleng’s behaviour. This is not like her at all.

Is Suffo right about Puleng’s church?

In the recent past South Africa has seen a tremendous growth in the number of churches mushrooming from different part of the country, especially in the suburbs.The storyline about the portrayal of the church seeks to deal with the issues of ripping-off people under the guise of a church.

People are been misled and their possessions taken from them by the so called prophets (of doom).Many unsuspecting victims will even go to the extent of defending those who steal from them using religion.

Sufi won’t go to church. Do you think he is justified when he decides not to go to church? Why is he adamant about going to church? Talk to us on our website: www.art-tainment.co.za.