Ketla E jarela Sefapano Saka Ka Makgetla Aka!!!

The song is from the BIBLE VERSE which seeks to CLARIFY the TYPE of the RELATIONSHIP that we should have with the LORD JESUS CHRIST whilst on earth. In the verse, LUKE 14:27 the lord Jesus Christ is SAYING, “And WHOEVER does not bear his CROSS and COME after (FOLLOW) Me cannot be My disciple”.

The message of the song is about “people’s relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ” on a daily basis. The song outlines the challenges that will be faced by those who DECIDES to follow JESUS CHRIST as their LORD AND SAVIOUR, which include been MISUNDERSTOOD, CRITICIZED, THREATS, DEATH, etc.

Meaning of Words:

‘Ke tla e jarela Sefapano saka’ (Bear his cross and come after me” means that I will carry my own cross upon my shoulders (each and every day) and follows the Lord. Ngwana Ledwaba is aware that following the Lord requires DETERMINATION and COURAGE to pay the PRICE. The song is a reminder to those who want to FOLLOW JESUS CHRIST to ‘carry their CROSS and follow Him (the Lord Jesus Christ).

Another SIGNIFICANT meaning in the lyrics is found in the words,“Ka makgetla Aka”, which literally means UPON my SHOULDERS. The words “UPON MY SHOULDERS” suggests that it is an INDIVIDUAL person’s responsibility to ensure that they RELATE well with the LORD JESUS CHRIST.

SHOULDERS as used in this CONTEXT, refers to been responsible for one’s ACTIONS. It is each person’s responsibility to CARRY their CROSS upon their shoulders. If it is going to be, it means ‘YOU ARE THE ONLY PERSON WHO CAN MAKE IT (your relationship with Jesus Christ) WORK!!!

Another interesting verse is on GALATIANS 2: 20, which reads thus, ‘I have been crucified with CHRIST, it is no longer I who LIVE, but CHRIST lives in ME, and the LIFE which I now live in the FLESH I live by FAITH in the SON of GOD, who LOVED ME and GAVE Himself for ME’. The message here is also about ‘DYING to SELF and LETTING Christ SIT on the THRONE of one’s LIFE. My Will DIE, AND His WILL PREVAILS.

In FACT JESUS CHRIST lives through me. Which means whatever I do in “WORDS and ACTIONS”I should do it for the GLORY and HONOUR of the LORD JESUS CHRIST. That is CARRYING MY CROSS AND FOLLOWING JESUS CHRIST (Ketla e jarela Sefapano Saka Ka Makgetla Aka).

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