Who’s getting married?

Who’s getting married?

Puleng and brother Wiseman-do you think Puleng is going to get intimate with him?

We’re still a bit creeped out by Puleng marrying Mam Mothibi who also seems to have a weird relationship with Brother Wiseman. But we can’t put anything past Puleng these days. Ever since she’s joined Genesis Fellowship Church she’s making very strange choices. Could she be marrying Brother Wiseman?

We (as the audience) are confused by how Puleng is been manipulated by Mam Mothibi and brother Wiseman.

She gave her money (R500.00) to her husband-Mam Mothibi, and is going to be used to get the GENESIS family church afloat. Her cellphone was confiscated to keep her from the influence of the external world. How is she going to ESCAPE from the GENESIS family?

The move by brother Wiseman to have Puleng sleep with him is nothing but to brainwash her so that she does not think about the outside world.

“What happened to the stubborn Puleng that we know? It does not seem like her, marrying another woman, no,no—-“. Is she going to AGREE sleeping with brother Wiseman, that remains to be seen?