Glooves are off between Yvonne and Boniswa!!!

The situation in the Langa family is getting worse by day with more skeletons coming out from the closet. Well, it is interesting that Boniswa and Yvonne are both entangled in the web of cheating , and that did not go down well with Siseko.

The audience liked Boniswa as she appeared to be a victim of extra-marital arrangement following Yvonne and Siseko’s marriage. On the other hand the audiences sympathized with Yvonne as we thought she is going to leave behind her dirty life behind. She just can’t stop it, not at all. She is embroiled from scandal to scandal, and that compromises her marriage to the respected Langa family.

It feels like Yvonne is not given a fair chance to deal with her past as it is always following her!! It was interesting to watch the Langa elders confronting Yvonne after she cheated on Siseko with Damon. Siseko spoke first, while Yvonne sat quietly in her Xhosa bridal attire with Boniswa looking all smugly in the background.

Siseko told the elders he wants to divorce Yvonne. His uncles happily agreed as the Langa’s have zero tolerance for cheating wives.

When it was time for Yvonne to tell her side of the story, she surprised everyone when she produced a photo with Damon and Boniswa kissing.

Boom! Yvonne handed Boniswa and Damon’s picture to the elders. To the audience Boniswa and Yvonne are all cheaters. We have lost confidence in both of them!!!

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