Vatiswa Ndara on having written her book: “I believed that I’d make it one day”.

"I believed that I'd make it one day"

"I believed that I'd make it one day",said Vatiswa Ndara.


“I believed that I’d make it one day. That there’s space for me in there. There’s got to be.  There’s space for us in everything that we want to do, it only depends on the faith that we have”.

She said that when she started working at the SABC in 1998 and experienced sexual harassment in the workplace, she didn’t know better because she was a “village girl.”

She spoke about how she bumps into one of the men who harassed her. He allegedly insisted they spend the weekend together at a hotel and rubbed himself up against her in the workplace.

She held firm and refused and, as a result, was blocked in the industry.

In a previous interview with TimesLIVE, she said that although the lack of jobs affected her self-esteem, she has a fighting spirit and is constantly evolving.