Papa G: Real actors don’t retire

Darlington Michaels as Papa-G on Isidingo(Supplied- Isidingo Facebook)

Johannesburg – Actor Darlington Michaels is still a real G- And he says he will remain so until he dies!

The man who became famous for playing the role of Papa G on Isidingo, says that he has no plans to retire, even after a recent stroke affected his acting.

Darlington has often spoken about the stroke that ultimately saw him leave his most famous role, but in an interview with Move recently, he has once again shown his fighting spirit by saying he will not retire before the grave.

“Real actors don’t retire. People who talk about retirement aren’t serious actors. Real actors retire when they die,” Darlington says.

Still, Darlington admits that he does not feel the same excitement he once felt for acting.

“Over the years, the excitement has worn off but I still love what I do. Now I run on love, experience and talent, ” he tells the magazine.

And that sounds like just enough to last him till the end.


  1. I think Paoa G is one of the seasoned actor who has been in the industry for a long time and he knows and understand the trade of acting.

    He is acting as your township old styled gangster whose behaviour does not tell you much about who they really are!! How he relates with people is the only way through which you get to understand how dangerous they are. Easy to relate with, bUt ensuring that the character is kept alive. The language spoken is what makes the character different to others as it shows ghat he has been in the field for a long time.

    Like him or hate him Papa G is a good actor who is determined to entertain and ensure that the Kasi gangsterism life is kept alive.