Who is the real Penny Penny?

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Check out these 12 things to know about Penny Penny: Eric Nkovani.

Check out these 11 things to know about Penny Penny:

1.      Penny Penny was born in 1962 at Giyani in Limpopo Province

2.      His real name is Eric Nkovani

3.      He is married to Suzan Ngobeni

4.      His father was a traditional healer

5.      He has 18 children with different mothers but never met his first-born child.

6.      His father had 27 wives, and he (Penny Penny) was child number 68.

7.      His previous work include been a Cleaner at a record label.

8.      His talent was discovered by a legendary Producer and Singer, Joe Shirimani.

9.      Penny Penny has played his music to thousands on stages across the continent, from Liberia and Sierra Leone to Namibia and Mozambique.

10.  He is an ANC Councillor in Giyani

11.  Penny Penny’s reality TV show is entitled, “Papa Penny Penny Ahee!”