Why did Yvonne decided to take the bullet for Boniswa?

Scandal! Yvonne taking a bullet for Boniswa!!!

It may seem like Yvonne cares a lot about Boniswa, but we all know that she did it in order to prove that she does not agree with her gangsters plans.

It may seem like Yvonne cares about Boniswa, but we all knew that  there was a snake in the grass, wanting Boniswa’s blood, she was adamant about her death.

After all, it was her gambling that put Boniswa’s life at risk, and as a result she took the bullet for her. When Yvonne sees the assassinator pointing a gun at Boniswa, she quickly jumps in front, taking a bullet for her.

I think the shooting is going to make Boniswa to think that she owes Yvonne with her whole life, and as a result  that might quench the differences between them.

It is difficult for the audience to sympathize with Yvonne especially because she does not want to let go off her crooked life style. After marrying Siseko we thought that she is going to stop her dual life and focus in building a family for Siseko, but the opposite is the case.

Is Yvonne really going to STOP her gangster life?