Can Sabelo really takes on Suffocate and Win?

Sabelo is convinced to eliminate Suffocate in prison as a sign of loyalty to the prison gang!!!

The storyline about Suffocate and Sabelo both in prison is taking rather an interesting twist as it leaves the feelings of the viewers hanging in the balance. We always considered Suffocate as the Big brother to Sabelo as they are from the same neighborhood.

Sabelo’s character is interesting and believable following the way he uses his gestures which compliments his appearance. He joined the gang who turned him again suffocate.

Sabelo is given one last chance to prove himself by killing Suffo. Additionally, the prison gang forced Sabelo to prove his new loyalty to them with Suffo’s blood, which he find difficult to fulfill.

The audiences are unhappy about behavior that Sabelo is displaying after joining the gang in prison.  We expected him to respect Suffo rather than  turn against him.