Tjeeree! All Skeem Saam’s Wallet is worried about is his pigs

Actor Molefi Monaisa plays the role of Wallet on 'Skeem Saam'. Image: Via SABC YouTube

Fans may have put Skeem Saam‘s Wallet on suicide watch but the well-travelled hospital porter is only concerned about one thing: his pigs.

We have come to love Wallet over the last few weeks, especially for his poems that are pure fire, so imagine the internet’s surprise when this week he suggested that the most precious thing in his world was his pigs.

After all the bad luck he’s been going through lately, which include leaving his job of an awards show he isn’t even part of, the streets were hoping his luck would change.

But as he seemed to spiral into depression and hopelessness, he only asked that someone help him look after his pigs.

He tried to confront his former boss with his pension forms to get some coins but was stopped by security and was told he should wait for his money like everyone else because he was “not special”.

The social media streets were filled with tears for poor Wallet and pledges to help him.


  1. I think the character of “Wallet” is more interesting and confusing at the same time. It is not clear as to whether he is an educated character or one who happen to just know the language,spoken English. His background is rather confusing in that you would not really know why he is using the accent and the English language as a character.

    On a personal level, the character appears to be very educated and does not fit well in terms of his language as you would have expected him to have a descent employment. Well, i still believe that the guy can act, though, especially even when he is given a simple character.

  2. His character is believable as it is clearly shown through his physical body. One thing though about him is the temper which is going to put him in trouble. On the contrary, the language spoken is completely different as it appears to be thrown on a different environment that which he is not supposed to be.