SISEKO LANGA’s disappearance and the Stranger who is a business associate leaves much to be desired.

The idea that SISEKO LANGA had brought in his business associate is not here nor there, as the storyline continues on Scandal.

The disappearance of SISEKO LANGA on Scandal is totally creating confusion among the ardent viewers of the play. His absence in the family is bringing more speculations and/or questions than answers. 1st, the succession plan is not well orchestrated, 2nd the guy who came over to assist in running the business with XUMA during absence is not convincing.

For us the audiences to understand the arrangement well it would have been better for SISEKO to have invited the stranger and introduce him to his family before he left. Another thing that keeps us doubting the associate is that he hardly speaks of the businesses he had had with Siseko. He does not speak much about his background.

The question we are asking is, “Why are the Langas see it that the guy is a FAKE?” We also thought that maybe ROMEO MEDUPI will apply his investigative/spying skills to TRACE the guy and SAVE the LANGA family.

The other developments in the storyline is the gradual bond that is happening between MLUNGISI and GRACE MEDUPI. It is clear that even though MLUNGISI is principled, the cracks are starting to manifest in his personality. He answered a call from his boss,Grace Medupi, whom he addressed using her first name-which seemed awkward for his wife.

Do you think that Mlugisi and Grace are heading for an affair?