Tumi Morake’s bittersweet moment

Tumi Morake (Photo: Gallo)

Johannesburg – Comedian Tumi Morake could not have asked for better news – following an incident in which she and her family were robbed at gunpoint – than being told she had been chosen among 32 comedians from around the world to feature in a series of Netflix comedy specials at the Just for Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal, Canada.

“When the news came, I was at home with my husband after we had just been robbed at gunpoint the day before,” said Morake.

“You know, we were still trying to deal with the shock when I got the news. I was making tea before heading to bed and I put the phone down and told him the news. He got super excited for me.

“I was wondering why I wasn’t as excited, but it really was me dealing with the news and trying to process it. Once it hit me, I was buzzing that whole week and just wanting to share the news,” Morake told City Press, giggling excitedly.

She said it was a mission to keep the news secret as she had known about it for a month before it broke.

The comedy specials will be part of an as yet unnamed 2019 Netflix stand-up series, featuring 47 comedians from 13 regions around the world. While 32 comics will record their gigs in Canada, the rest of them will tape theirs elsewhere.