#FillUp Phrase: “Cassper Nyovest’s Trademark or just a Concept?”

Cassper Nyovest: a trade mark or just a concept?

Cassper Nyovest is planning to take legal action against Tsonga musician Benny Mayengani for using the #FillUp phrase, in relation to his recent event at the Giyani stadium in Limpopo.

The current debate going on tweets is about ‘morals vs ownership’ and have divided the streets into two different camps as people arbor different views about the issue.


  1. It is unfortunate that the issue of trademarks and intellectual property rights are been confused and abused in this fashion. It is true that Cassper Nyovest has used the concept in recent past in his campaign to fill up Orlando Stadium, but really does he own the concept? Is this his own idea?