Black and/or White: Why is skin colour so important in South Africa?

Poet and activist Ntsiki Mazwai said Leanne Manas is "mediocre" and only holds her current position at SABC because she benefits from white privilege. Image: Via Instagram/Ntsiki Mazwai

“South Africans wont become colour blind until we learn to see things in black and white, not black or white”.

The public scathing attack on TV personality Leanne Manas by Ntsiki Mazwai leaves much to be desired. Perhaps if there is something personal about them they must find another platform out of the public spotlight to deal with their differences once and for all!!!

The question of whether Ntsiki Mazwai is right or wrong is not important as ALL of us (South Africans) should be building a non-racial South Africa. Perhaps we should refrain from using the media to confront our issues as that can influence others negatively.

In her response, Leane Manas said she’s seen the many times Ntsiki had put her down and that she hoped to meet with Ntsiki so that she could get to know her as a person and not “as a colour”.

Do you think it is right for celebrities or public figures to attack each other on public media?