It is shocking for Xolile to agreeing to Mthunzi’s proposal without knowing his family. On the other hand, Mthunzi is taking an advantage of retaliating to the Langa family by continuing to manipulate Xolile into agreeing to marry him on her birthday.

    Xolile does not know that Mthunzi is an imposter whose intention is to destroy the Langa family as he is on the revenge spree. Xolile is blinded by love and she is going ahead with her plans to marry Mthunzi. T

    The two main questions that needed to have been answered by Xolile before deciding to marry Mthunzi are the following:

    • None of Mthunzi’s family members are not known to the Langas’, let alone to negotiate for lobola.
    • Why is Boniswa not asking for lobola from Mthunzi?

    As the audience we feel betrayed as we continue to see an imposter, Mthunzi, continue to mix with the Langa family whose father he has kidnapped and killed.

    One would imagine that the audience are fed up with the guy, Mthunzi, and does not require anything to happen to him, but to go straight to prison for the murder of Siseko Langa!!!