Rhythm City: Sabelo & Dumisani’s characters


The storyline about the two brothers, Dumisani and Sabelo, is heart pricking in that it reminds us of the many young people whose lives were changed for worse following their daily decisions.

Sabelo’s character, the big brother to Dumisani, is trying very hard to have his young brother to quit his association with the 68’s gang, but he does not succeed. As the audience we know Sabelo and the life that he had lived before, but now we do not wish for Dumisani to be involved in criminal activities.

Characters Relationship and how they communicate? We are surprised by the line wherein Dumisani is saying “I know how they operate”, and later warns Sabelo to back off as those people he work with are very dangerous.

Dumisani’s character appeared to have made their mind about been a gangster-as that was revealed by his reactions when Sabelo was trying to warn him about the territory he is venturing into. As the audience we knew at that moment that Dumisani is looking for trouble. Our hopes of saving the innocent life of young Dumisani faded away when Sabelo asked him a question, “Whose blood is this Dumisani?”