Linda Sokhulu is about to set the world of Rhythm City alive once again.


The veteran actress becomes the latest acquisition to our star studded cast. She will make her debut on Tuesday, 16 April at 7PM.

Sokhulu will play the role of Ziyanda, a smart savvy business women who will groom Suffo into a whole new world of business and power. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

In the process she unwittingly challenges Suffo and Puleng’s compatibility, in fact she challenges their marriage which ultimately highlights their very different goals.

“I am looking forward to playing Ziyanda. It’s a very challenging role. She is worldly, street smart, and sexy. She knows exactly what she wants and is not afraid to speak her mind. David and Suffo have no idea what they’re in for!” Sokhulu said.

Did Puleng just get a new rival?