Mthunzi & Boniswa, who is to blame for Siseko’s death?

Twist in the Scandal Storyline: Mthunzi & Boniswa who is to blame for Siseko's death?

The Langa family: From left hand side Boniswa, Xolile and Chumani Langa.

There is an interesting twist in Scandal storyline with the events starting to entangle Boniswa Langa, Siseko Langa’s wife. The audience are now presented with the opportunity to weigh in and judge who the real culprit is between Mthunzi and Boniswa!!!

On the other hand we have heard Boniswa dropping a bombshell on her children who suspected foul play by their mother. Xolile is angry with Boniswa and is not prepared to listen to anything from her as it appears that she is protecting Mthunzi.

The Langa children grapple with what they’ve learned – and what is still to be revealed. Question: What is it that Boniswa is hidding for her children (Chumani & Xolile)?

The other developments in Scandal is the storyline about Mlungisi Ngema and his wife-MaSixelo. The audiences are grappling to understand the type of husband Ngema is after finding out that his wife had enrolled for the part time studies with a local college.

Even though we are trying to understand that Mlungisi is a traditional Zulu man who believes that “a woman’s place is in the kitchen’, we are opposed to his anger which is causing division between him and his wife.

What do you think to be Mlungisi’s problem: (a) That his wife went behind his back to register for her college studies, (b) he is intimidated by the fact that his wife is going to get a better paying job and leave him, and (c) he want to instill discipline in his house.