What makes a good music?

King Monada is working on a new hit! Image: Instagram/ King Monada

While he may deserve the title “hitmaker”, King Monada is not the kind of an artist who is always over the place, instead the Malwedhe singer is always in the studio creating music that will move his fans!

According to TshisaLIVE recently, Monada’s manager Makwela Makwela explained that the artist spent so much in studio creating new music that he had more than 50 unreleased songs! “We always have new music ready but we’ve learned that you can’t rush a hit single, the people decide what song they love and make it a hit song.

It is interesting that King Monada’s music is influenced by the issues affecting ordinary people on the street. His approach to music includes a careful selection of familiar issues and language that can easily be understood by everyone. Monada seems to have conducted his research about his target listeners who can easily identify with.

According to his manager, Makwela Makwela, “Both Malwedhe and Ska Bora Moreki were songs they knew people would love but didn’t expect to go viral as they did. So even with the new songs, our job will be to find the songs that people will love and the rest will be up to them, you know, whether the songs takes over the world or is loved by only some people.”

Ordinary people like music that speaks about their experiences and issues in life as they communicate their feelings. Malwedhe, Kea Idibala- as the song is popularly known, has its message from the experiences of music lovers who appears to be “communicating the pains and agony that they face after been dumped by the person they loved dearly”. The song is followed and listened to in every corner of the street with people falling down to imitate “fainting”, which is the loosely translation of the song.