The Secret is Out: “Mthunzi is the real David Maduna”

The storyline in Scandal about the revelation and exposure of the real culprit behind Siseko Langa’s death has become the fight of the two nemesis , Mthunzi who is the bad guy and Romeo who appears to seek revenge for his mentor.

Even though Siseko was on the verge of mentoring Romeo on business principles, it is worrying that he is more involved than Langa’s family. It seems like Mthunzi has done his homework well and he has managed to do his findings that will incriminate and tarnish Siseko Langa’s public image and legacy.

Chuma has made peace with the fact that there is nothing they can do as a family to avenge for his father’s murder and he is concerned to learn that Romeo has not given up the fight to eliminate and expose Mthunzi. On the other hand, Xolile and her mother (Boniswa) are stuck with Mthunzi and are banking on Romeo’s character for their solution.

Why is Romeo so obsessed with killing and wanting revenge for Siseko’s killer? What is he going to gain after eliminating and/or exposing Mthunzi for his involvement in the death of Mr Langa?

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  1. At last the audience will rest as they were always wishing for his arrest. I think that if one is a villain it should not get them long to be arrested as that kept the audience suspended for a long time.

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