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Our analysis of Rhythm City

It has been obviously a long time since we wrote something about our favorite play: Rhythm City. We are catching up on the episodes dated the 16th-21st March 2020.

What was interesting throughout the episodes is the fact that there were shifts and changes in character positions and characterizations. The one moment which stood out for us is the scene at the bar- “the looting scene” by the gang. In the beginning of the 1st scene we heard CHICKEN instructing JAPAN to shoot SUFFOCATE which did not happen.

As the audiences i feel we have been robbed off the opportunity to witness how JAPAN was going to eliminate Suffocate? Some questions we are asking ourselves includes: (a) Why did Japan not pull the trigger even if he had the chance to do so? (b) Now that he did not shot and kill Suffocate, we somehow believe that their relationship is going to change tremendously.

The other developments in the story was the ability of young LEFA who invented an invention which helps people to find perfect love matching, which Jafta was interested. Whether the invention is going to work or not, that remains to be seen.

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