Dreams delayed are not dreams denied!!

Interview with Mlondi Nkwanyana from Dobsonville, Soweto!! Mlondi Nkwanyana also known as “Mlondi Le Gordito” is a young man from Dobsonville Hostel, which is formally known as “Sphiwe Village” in Dobsonville Soweto.  He is a Voice Over Artist, Actor, TV & Radio Presenter as well as been an Entrepreneur. In...

Music is the language for the ears!!

Briefly tell (talk) to Me about Chris M Induku Entle with regard to who he is and what he does as an artist? Chris M is a young man from Eastern Cape, he is a Singer and Songwriter. Basically, he writes and sings his own music 🎶   You are the CEO |...

Film and TV Producer, Director, Fine Artist and Graphic Designer: Is there any limit in Creativity?

Who is BRUCE MZAMO with regard to what he does as a creative (artist) person? Mzamo Bruce, also known as SBee, is a talented South African all-round creative in the Film and TV / Arts and design industry. He has done so much in taking part on the establishment of a successful TV station...

Actor and Voice Over Artist, Is there a difference?

Andy Mnguni as an Actor who played many roles in different performances!!

Kagiso Segone, Hip-hop artist, Writer, Social Activist, Film –Maker, and Media Practitioner from Khutsong, Carletonville!!

Briefly introduce yourself with regard to who you are and what you do as an artist? I am Kagiso Segoe, a Hip-Hop artist, Writer, Social Activist, Film –Maker, and Media Practitioner.Seeing that you are wearing many caps on your head, which one career path best describes you here and why? I am more of a Writer...

Facts & Opinion

They may be gone, but their legacy will remain with us forever.
Some of the fallen heroes in the artistic industry whose contributions will outlive their lives here in South Africa.

Interview with Rose Rathaga

Can you introduce yourself to our audiences (Briefly tell (talk to) Me about Rose Rathaga with regard to what she does as an artist)?  Where are you from, and why do you do what you do (your artistic creativity)? Rose Rathaga is a qualified "Theatre and Performance Practitioner". I majored in Directing and Performance. Born...

How Lekker is the Locally Produced Artworks!!!

South Africa's Brenda Fassie, whose music is still heard on the streets even decades after her passing. People still playing songs such as "Weekend Special" on the airwaves even to date.

Interview with an Author and Life Coach, Rahlapane Dingaan!!!

A New Book Launch by Dingaan Rahlapane on the 9th October 2021 at the Black Eagle Hotel.

Interview with Koketso Charlene Kekana

Briefly tell Me who you are and what you do? I am Koketso Charlene Kekana, a young lady from Pretoria and I am a "Make- UP Artist, Costume Designer, and an Assistant Director" in the film and television industry. 2. Where did you receive your training as a Make UP artist? At the Tshwane...

Interview with Sibongile Modimoyeng!!

Did you like acting since childhood? Well, first and foremost I knew I had to be creative while growing up. I enjoyed dancing, drawing in addition to favoring Arts and Culture subject. When growing up I used to play with my friends, and I was told that i liked entertaining people. I enjoyed...

Heritage Day at Badirile Secondary School

Heritage Day which is on the 24th September 2021 was celebrated on the 23rd September 2021, to recognize and celebrate the cultural diversity and wealth of the nation. Teachers at Badirile Secondary School celebrated the day in style as they had to juggle between teaching and learning and to ensure that a "decent cultural meal" is prepared...

Interview with Kgosietsile Monoto

Briefly tell Me Who you are as an artist? I am Rre-Dot What is in the name and or Why the Name? I got the name when I was still young and still learning. I later discovered that I am an Old Soul, that...

Interview with Anthony Nwahiri

Actor||Jingles/Voice-over Artist || Singer ||Rapper ||Motivational speaker.

Interview with E Rock

Briefly talk to Me about E Rock and what he does as an artist? E-Rock is a very talented independent recording artist, music producer and CEO of Stead-E-Rock Records with a long standing recording career that features 6 albums and 2 independent film credits. You are the CEO | RECORDING ARTIST...

Tshego Maloka, a Singer, Songwritter, IT graduate and Entrepreneur!!

“Tshego M”, whose real name is “Tshegofatso Maloka” is a singer, songwriter, IT graduate and Entrepreneur, who was born and raised in Tshwane, Pretoria. She is a vocalist and an entry level music producer. Tshego M is an independent musician who is not signed to any label. She founded “Tshego Mjazz Media” in 2019, through which...

Interview with Dan Akinlolu

Director/Producer of Son of Gomorrah This interview was published on June 23, 2021 What was the inspiration behind making this short film? ‘Son of Gomorrah’ is a personal creative exercise, it is one of my experimental short film were I tried to narrate the last hour escapade of...

Schooling in SA in the age of the Pandemic

Learners in some schools in parts of Gauteng took to the streets to protest against the scourge of Covid-19 Pandemic.

Mpho Molikeng,the One in all artist of Our time!!

Mpho Molikeng's Poetry continues to make Cultural sense in the ears of the listeners.

Maru the Revelation Chapter 2

Maru the Revolutionary Chapter 2 a project to express Moeketsi's gratitude to God for His Grace and Mercy.

Palesa Brown talking tough to help learners deal with their pains and sorrows.

Palesa Brown standing with Vusi Semenya who is a learner at Badirile Secondary School.

Music is a Universal Language to express the artist’s views and ideas!!!

PJ Mussungo, the CEO of Befo Music expresses his views through music.

What about the Audience’s ways of seeing?

How we see depends on the side from which we are standing, and what we want to see?

Characters Review on Scandal

What is Mr Mamba going to do to Simo seeing that his lover and the only person with all the evidence against him is dead? Do you think Mamba is going to let him live?

Why would artists call for the resignation of Minister Nathi Mthethwa?

The ministry of sport, arts and culture is on the verge of fast-tracking the third phase relief funding for the arts and entertainment industry following the call by artists for the Minister to resign. This come at the time when Covid-19 is continuing to cause havoc across the country. The online petition, #NathiMustGo, was...

How COVID-19 paralyses new talents?

How COVID-19 paralyses the new talents? Corona Virus, Covid-19, is a global challenge which has left countries and governments devastated and mourning for their citizenries who dies in multitudes. South Africa recorded 11381 newCovid-19 infections on Thursday, and the total number of cases now stands at 1380807 ( Whilst the country...

Romeo’suspicions and investigations on Thembeka!

Soon after Romeo and Xolile return from their honeymoon, he realises that something isn’t right at Thebe-Langa. When he learns that Thembeka is working in the office, he starts to get suspicious, and enlists some help to start his investigation.Will he uncover the truth? Will this finally be Mthunzi’s Downfall? Will Thembeka get her...

Another single track by Tshidi Cuna!!!

Tshidi Cuna has produced another single track titled, “Lord You are Beautiful” a year after the release of her hit track “Thath’uqobo Lwami" which was recorded in May 2018 and came out in December 2018. “Thath’uqobo Lwami" was a total surrender and yielding completely to the WILL of God Almighty whilest the...

Newly Crowned Miss Universe is South African!!!

Miss Universe 2019 Zozibini Tunzi, of South Africa, is crowned onstage at the 2019 Miss Universe Pageant at Tyler Perry Studios on December 08, 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia. Picture: AFP
Miss Universe 2019 Zozibini Tunzi, of South Africa, is crowned onstage at the 2019 Miss Universe Pageant at Tyler Perry Studios on December 08, 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia. Picture: AFP

Schools’ Sports Awards

Badirile Secondary School Team posing for a picture prior their 1st year competition at the beginning of the year. Picture by Ntebaleng Letebele.
From the beginning of the year schools from the Westrand District Municipality had indulged in the "Schools Sports Awards", an initiative by the Gauteng West Education District. The purpose of the programme is to afford learners the opportunity to expose their talents in addition to encouraging a healthy living (since a healthy mind is in the...

Who represents SA Local artists on what is owed to them 2019-11-01 11:48

(Badirile Secondary School Learners at the Soweto Theater Complex: 2019 November 01 11:48) Johannesburg - Thousands of authors and composers whose music is broadcast on SABC TV and radio can now be assured of receiving their royalty fees as the SABC begins to clear a backlog of debt.  The SABC had fallen behind...

Celebrating heritage day in style

Badirile Secondary School learners posing for a picture with their artist facilitator, "Kay-Kay Sambo". The picture was taken a day before the performance which took place in Soweto.
Badirile Secondary School group posing for a picture after rehearsals in preparation for the competitions at the Soweto Theatre.

Reviewing Mthunzi’s Character on Scandal!!!

Is this the end of Mthunzi?

Why are the Langa’s family still stuck with Mthunzi?

The woes faced by the Langa family seems to be far from over as they are unable to send Mthunzi away even when he is helpless!!!!

Community Interest: Calling to Serve the Community

In this short interview we are going to be hearing about a young man who has dedicated his entire life to serving the interests of his community of Khutsong, Carletonville. Mahashe's passion to serve was influenced by his innane talent which he discovered when he was just 12 years old. His background reflect that...

What is in the language?

Seldom heard: Giyani — Land of Blood is a new TV drama in Xitsonga, a minority language in South Africa. Photo: Tshedza Pictures
The initiative by an actor and playwright Obed Baloyi has seen him producing one of his debut play "Ga-Mchangani" at the Market Theatre Laboratory. His play, though using a tragically humorous Jim-comes-to-Jozi plot, the play highlights the stereotypes that people from the North are treated, with the objective of exposing the inequalities that exists the...

Safety at our Schools: What happened to the Culture of learning & teaching?

On the 18th May 2019 our delegate attended an RCL Pilot Training program called by the Gauteng Department Of Education at Irene, South of Pretoria. The training was a collaboration between UNISA & Mathews Goniwe School of Leadership. The initiative has seen 75 schools been selected for the program in the province.

Tshidi Cuna’s Thath’uqobo Lwami Single Track!!!

Thsidi Cuna's Thath'uqobo Lwami Single Track released on December 2018 by Soulid Music Productions.
Tshidi Cuna's That'uqolo Lwami Single Track produced by Mthetho Mbatha of Soulid Music & Video Productions

Modernity and Tradition:Where do we draw the line?

Zinzile Ngema, whose real name is Gcina Nkosi, is known by the Viewers of’s Scandal know as a traditional Zulu woman who obeys her husband all the time. Things changed when Zinzile decided to overlook her husband's decision not to further or register for her studies with the college. Even though the...

What makes a good music?

King Monada is working on a new hit! Image: Instagram/ King Monada

Replacing a presenter, replacing a program

From the community broadcaster of Sekgosese radio to the public broadcaster Thobela FM.

South Africans Who are making it Overseas.

Dave Mathews of Dave Mathews Band.

Skeem Saam (SABC1) Teasers for April 8-12 2019.

Skeem Saam (SABC1) teasers and updates for the week of 8 April 2019 through; 12 April 2019 teases that Fanie is livid to learn who Emkay has shared some damning intel with. Rachel notices Marothi looking where he shouldn’t be and is hurt. Ramolao is too chuffed when he notes Sis Ouma’s jealousy, much to Ma Koloi’s...

Mthunzi & Boniswa, who is to blame for Siseko’s death?

There is an interesting twist in Scandal storyline with the events starting to entangle Boniswa Langa, Siseko Langa's wife. The audience are now presented with the opportunity to weigh in and judge who the real culprit is between Mthunzi and Boniswa!!! On the other hand we have heard Boniswa dropping a bombshell...

Babes Wodumo continues to make headlines!!!

On the 6th March 2019 the Kwaito star Mandla "Mampintsha" Maphumulo appeared at the Pinetown Magistrate court for assaulting his girlfriend Babes Wodumo, though he claimed that it was all in self-defence. It alleged that the musso, Mampintsha, was also on the verge of laying counter assault charges against Babes Wodumo. Trying to...

Golden Oldies- Brenda Fasie’s Legacy is still with us!!!!

Brenda Nokuzola Fassie (1964 – 2004) was a South African anti-apartheid Afropop singer whose music has taken the world by storm.  The singer was affectionately known as MaBrrr by her fans, she was sometimes sometimes described as the “Queen of African Pop” or the “Madonna of The Townships” or simply as The Black Madonna. Her bold stage antics earned a...