Changing patterns changes appearance

Changing patterns changes appearance.

Skolopad says people don't want to pay for her performances.

After making headlines for flaunting her booty in revealing outfits Skolopad has decided to move away from being known for just the nudity.

Instead the musician plans on rebranding herself to be known more for her singing talent rather than showing off her nudity. Whilst the musician has decided to change the attire she wears-we believe that is not going to sit well with her male fans.

“I am going to be sexy but in a different way. I don’t just want to be associated with nudity but I want people to know that I am an entertainer. So my two outfits will show people a Skolopad my mother is proud of,” she said.

Well, it remains to be seen on how her “rebirth” is going to be perceived by her audiences. The musician told TshisaLIVE that she was excited for people to see her Durban July outfits because they will see a “rebirth” of Skolopad.