How Lekker Is Locally Produced Artworks to You?

Local is Lekker?

Celebrating the uncelebrated: Joe Mafela

The South African creative sector is replete with creative people who can compete with their international counterparts. Despite the talents the one thing that is needed is the conducive platform to showcase and expose those talents.

In March 19, 2017 South Africans mourned the passing on of the legendary producer, actor, and musician-Joe Mafela who died from a car accident. One would conclude that we did not celebrate the man whilst he was still alive, but we made noise when he is gone to be with the lord.

Maybe it is time to start asking ourselves if we are really Africans and really appreciating the talents that we have in our midst? In the recent past a film was produced about the former stateman, Mr Nelson Mandela, and the main character was Idris Elba, playing Mandela. On the other hand Naomie Harris plays Mama Winnie (Winnie Mandela) as she is affectionately known by many.

Why did the producers not considered South Africans to play Tata Mandela and Mama Winnie? Why are the roles of such great people in the history of our country been given to people from other countries? Is it because our artists are not good enough in acting?

The then Minister of Sports, Mr Fikile Mbalula invited Beyoncé Nowles into the country to perform at the Sports Awards for R5 000 000. Though the artist was not allowed to come to South Africa, we should ask ourselves questions about how we perceive our own talents. Instead of giving the R5000000 to a single individual why not invite 30 musicians and make them share the millions?

We understand the issue of resources playing a role in the quality of work the artists produce, but how will they get the resources if they are not given a chance? There are lot of talented people in this country is going unnoticed as we are paying too much attention on the artists from overseas.

To be an artist in South Africa is difficult as the environment is not conducive. For artists to make it in the creative industry in this country they must work very hard and be prepared to be exploited by the industry veterans.

Local artists are struggling to access the formal industry due to financial constraints. Young and unsuspecting musicians are falling victims of the ruthless producers who are greedy and heartless. Despite the long pronounced high rate of unemployment, the Provincial Local government is quite about assisting local talents.

It is time we embrace and promote local artists than celebrating those that we do not know. Perhaps artists must also start to understand the audiences as people and treat them with respect when they succeed!!!

“Local can only be lekker when you had the opportunity to taste it, otherwise you will be talking about the things that you do not know”.