Nudity or Performance: What does the Audience want to See?

Musician Skolopad has opened up about not yet ‘rolling in the dough’ despite being the talk of the town since her dramatic appearances at award shows.

During an interview on Cliffcentral Skolopad revealed that she has managed to attract everything except “paying performances” because people just want to see her “ass tattoo”.

However, she plans on “milking” her newfound fame in every way she can.

“People invite me just so they can see my outfit and my Q tattoo [on her ass], then when we charge them for performances they don’t want to pay,” she said.

Skolopad also spoke about the ‘big’ role her daughter has played in establishing her career.

She explained that in the beginning she had no idea how to go about starting her career and that her 16-year-old daughter was the brains behind ‘Skolopad’.

“I was busy dancing [for other] people’s songs until one day my daughter said, ‘mama can you stop dancing for other people’s songs and go do your own music to dance to it’,” she said.

The musician explained that not only did her daughter create Skolopad’s image, she also helps her choose her clothes, takes her risqué pictures and writes some of her lyrics.

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