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Angelique’s suicide attempt puts Barker’s recent misfortune into perspective for him.

Angelique’s suicide attempt puts Barker’s recent misfortune into perspective for him and S’khu is on the verge of losing the Rec.

Gabriel and his secrets are put in a sticky position when Nikiwe decides to visit Lincoln in prison. The old pull between Rajesh and Kgothalo grows stronger. S’khumbuzo is in dire straits when the Rec and the Commune are repossessed.

Barker makes Nina an offer for her shares in SG.  Angie’s career hangs in the balance. S’khu is on the verge of losing the Rec.

Barker gives Nikiwe a business ultimatum that compromises her relationship.  Kgothalo pays her ex-husband’s mistress an unpleasant visit. Matlala is suspicious of Morongwa playing the people at the shebeen.

Nikiwe tries to make good with Gabriel but he comes with a shock announcement. Kgothalo enlists Matlala’s help to rid her of the memory of Tyson. The Rec is auctioned off to a surprise buyer.

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