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Generations 24 – 28 April

One lover makes it clear to the other that their affair must remain a secret. Smanga confides in his brother about his crush. Nolwazi comes face to face with the man who tried to kill her.

Gog’Flo catches Mrekza sneaking out of the house. Gadaffi hits on a dangerous idea… Nandi doesn’t have a clue she’s being played.

Jack sets his sights on Mazwi. Namhla says goodbye to her family. Cosmo finally catches his thief.

Zach desperately tries to get the job done knowing there are lives on the line… Lucy ignores her ringing phone, unaware it’s a family emergency. Tau makes a move on Zitha.

Nolwazi arrives with big news for Fana. The Diales are devastated to hear about Gog’Flo. Lesedi is shocked and furious about her elders’ decision.


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