Zahara will give fans an intimate look at her life in her new reality show. Image by: WALDO SWIEGERS.

Musician Zahara is set to join the likes of Somizi, Dineo Ranaka, Bonang and Penny Penny in getting her own reality show. So, get ready, because it about to hit the TV screens soon!

The star, whose private life has hogged the headlines over the last few years, is set to give fans an intimate look into her life when the show makes its debut later this year.

Revealing the news to Art-tainment Media, Zahara said that she has been working with Ferguson Films on the series about her life.

“It is going to document my everyday life and adventures. From the moment I wake up to the first thing I drink in the morning,” she said with a giggle. (Obvs she’s referencing the rumours about her battle with alcoholism.)

She said the show came from an idea for a movie she announced last year on her Facebook fan page and is currently being filmed.

“I have camera crews following me and documenting some of the things I have been doing. I want it to be as real as possible and so it is unscripted and completely real,” she added.

Fan can also look forward to seeing the star’s adventures on her recent tour to the UK.

“The UK was amazing and I can’t wait to share the moments I had with my fans. I think people will be very surprised to learn about the real Zahara and not the one they see being written about in the newspapers,” she added.