Is Language an Issue if I Aspire to be an Actor and/or Presenter?

Does my Language matters when I speak to others?

If you want help from Florence, write properly. Image by: Via Instagram

Language play an invaluable role in our day to day living- including in the career path that we want to venture into. I have long discovered that people in different career fields use different technical languages to be understood and to understand others. This means that “education is the key to opening every door, as without it we might not fit well in some jobs that we aspire to work at”

I concur with actress Florence Masebe who gave a hard-hitting advice on the importance of clear communication to an aspiring artist who asked for help on Twitter.  It is sad that young people have devoted to using slang even where they are not supposed to use it.

Globalization or rather global culture is a dominant culture that is affecting everything in the world, even tradition and culture. The way we speak is influenced by the new culture which is distributed by the media, social media in particular.

While we acknowledge the social network for bridging the gap of communication between people from different places, it however, has brought about negative changes in the ways people communicate with each other. The one and most important thing is for people not to forget to use their formal language wherever needed.

Florence Masebe is quoted as saying, “Kid is not serious. Why must I take them seriously when they don’t even bother to use full words”? She was addressing a young person who want to be an actor and presenter. Masebe did not hesitate to criticize the youth for writing to her using a slang.

She said, “People want to be actors and presenters yet they think writing properly is optional. Do you think scripts are written in Mxit? Get serious”.

Global Culture is here to stay, whether we like it or not, and it is the youth who are affected negatively by this trend. When I am with my friends I can express myself in the language that I feel comfortable at, but I must also be careful not to loose the formal one along the way.

The importance of clear communication is for the message to be heard and understood, and later acted upon. Characters on stage are expected to project their voices so that they can be heard, and the language that they use on stage it is assumed to be the one that can be understood by the targeted audiences.

If the audience does not hear and understand the language you use when acting and/or talking to them, then you are just wasting your time and theirs. Therefore, speak to be heard and understood if you want to be taken serious in this life.