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Rhythm City’s Sabelo Character.

The character of Sabelo in Rhythm City (drama) is that one of a hobo and/or rather a street child. One would not hesitate to conclude that the producers of the show had managed to portray a “real hobo”, and the audience are introduced to the life of a young boy who lives in the street.

Sabelo appears to be the character who does not care about what comes to him or rather what are people going to say about him. At first he was very rough when dealing with his little brother-Dumisani, such that we are left puzzled as to whether he is sane or not.

His relationship with his family, especially his sister, Mapule, was not so good as he continued stealing and dealing in stolen goods. His involvement in the threat about burning the school made him to be the worst criminal even though he was trying to protect his sister, Mapule” from been abused by her teacher. He took it upon himself to try and expose the teacher, but nobody took Mapule’s story serious.

At the side of the bed of the sick Preacher who donated a kidney to his little sister who will die if nobody decide not to donate a kidney to her. At first he blamed the preacher for causing the accident and wished that he could die because he caused all the problems. He touched the audience when confessing to the preacher that “You are a good parent. You are not like my own father. You are good and you do not deserve this”. This other side of Sabelo is that of a real person in a real world. Now we understand that he is a real person with his strength and weaknesses. He is human enough.

In conclusion, it is reasonable to say that the character is a good one and he is playing the role given to him very well. The character is alive and active and he keeps the audience laughing when he speaks. His movement is interesting as he always appears to be in hurry, even if there is nothing important to deal with. His gestures are real and complimentary to his words. I wish he could get more serious roles to play as the guy is good in acting.

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