What do you need to Win the SAMAS?

Babes  Wodumo did not take home any award at the SAMAS earlier this year, which is a repeat of what happened at the Metro FM Music Awards earlier this year.

Even though Babes’s songs is replete with an explosive performance, she promised that she will boycott awards if she went home with (dololo)nothing. The musician is adamant that the nominations are biased as her song(s) was not selected to win anything even though the song had been trending on twitter. During the interviews Babes concluded that she is tired of wasting her time with the SAMAS which are not fairly handled, but bought. “Go buy your SAMAS, I no longer going to waste time on this ones”, she is heard saying.

On the other hand, Somizi is heard as saying, “Wololo was played a lot but it wasn’t the only song that was played (on radio). You have to remember timing. Babes became big at the very beginning of the year (the period in which SAMA nominations are considered) so other things happened after,” he said.

Mhlongo offered Babes some advice to Babes, encouraging her to keep making music until her “big break” came. “I know how she feels because it took me a long time to be where I am today. It takes time. Babes you are just being cooked at the moment,” he added. Whether this is received in good faith, it remains to be seen on how the musician and her fans will react.

However, this is not convincing as people continue questioning the procedures followed in nominating the best songs. What is it that makes a good song, or rather what makes the song to be nominated for the AWARDS?

Now Babes Wodumo knows dance moves don’t get you awards, you must have a really nice voice.

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