Scandal TV Show Character-Mapaseka Koetle as “Dintle Nyathi”.

Dintle Nyathi's character on eTV Show-Scandal.


Actress Mapaseka Koetle‚ who plays the role of Dintle on Scandal is an interesting character whose roles always leaves the audiences with questions of what else she is going to do or say. 

Dintle Nyathi, as affectionately known about her stage name, is a talented person who appears to enjoy the roles she plays on TV as she is the kind who is able to make her character more alive!!

Her character can be analyzed in the following line:

  • She is a person who is free to express her views no matter where she is, who she is interacting with and at all the time.
  • She is the “I don’t care what you say or think about me “person who is always looking for things that will benefit her.
  • She is a kind who can “sell her soul” just to get what she wants
  • She does not take no for an answer-she has got her subtle ways to talk people into giving her what she wants out of life.
  • She is got a taste of man who are successful-and she normally marries them for the sake of securing her future.

It is reasonable to deduce that her character was more interesting prior the departure of Thembheka Shezi, who also appeared to be of the same feather to her. Even though Thembeka was greedy and selfish, we realized that she was more secretive and preferring to play her cards very close to her chest. On the opposite site, Dintle is a straight talker who is unable to control and/or hide her views.